Moringa- The Miracle Tree

Plant Report Episode 11: Moringa is called the Miracle Tree and after listening to this episode, you’ll know why! Native to Africa and Asia, Moringa offers a plethora of benefits. Fast and easy to grow in the right climate (tropical and sub-tropical), Moringa is loaded with nutrients. Many parts of the Moringa are edible and/or medicinal, including the leaves, oil, bark and gum.
To learn about this marvelous tree, I spoke with plant expert and Permaculture designer Julious Piti. Based in Zimbabwe, Julious is the founder of PORET, an organization that supports farmers in dryland areas and works to address hunger, malnutrition, and poverty.

For those listeners who don’t live in a sub-tropical or tropical climate, I’m growing two healthy Moringa trees in a Mediterranean climate. I’ve heard of people in colder areas who grow Moringa outside in warmer months and in greenhouses when it’s cool.

6 Comments on “Moringa- The Miracle Tree

  1. This isn’t the first time I’ve heard someone praise the Moringa tree as the Miracle tree. I constantly hear stories of people treating high blood pressure, high blood sugar, arthritis, and so on. Given that it’s also packed with healthy vitamins, I’d say that it deserves it’s nickname

  2. Hi have a few started.I live in Southern Portugal. Should I wait until spring to transplant and sow seeds?
    Thank you.

  3. Please email me more information on Moringa Oleifera Tree. How will I obtain the seeds for my use.

    Thank you
    Albert Wingomi

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