Down on the Farm with Justin Huhn

Mano Farm is quiet, lush, and beautiful.  It’s also home to All Good Things Organic Seeds,  the only organic seed company in Southern California.  Last month, I met with the farm’s co-founder Justin Huhn to talk about seeds, seed saving, organic farming and plants for my podcast Sustainable World Radio.  Justin took me on a tour of  the farm and shared his knowledge about some of the unusual plants residing there including Czech Lavender, Purple-Throated Mullein, and Korean Licorice Mint.

(photo courtesy of Justin Huhn.)
Justin Huhn- Friend of the Flowers on Mano Farm

We visited the yurt where seeds are dried, fermented, and processed for saving and walked through the medicinal herb garden and food forest. During my visit with Justin, I renewed my admiration for comfrey; it’s  a living fertilizer and friend to trees and soil.  We sang the praises of  the much-maligned Dandelion, a wonderful medicinal herbal medicine and tasty bitter green.  And last, but certainly not least, I learned that you should never harvest Burdock seeds without a wood chipper, lots of dedication, and a hazmat suit.

Click here to listen to A Conversation With Organic Farmer Justin Huhn.

Seed Saver, Organic Farmer
Justin enjoying the bounty of the farm. (photo courtesy of Justin Huhn.)

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