Sustainable World Media creates media that matters. Our films highlight change makers across the globe who are achieving real results and whose work focuses on solutions that benefit both people and planet. Watch our videos to learn about Permaculture, Rainwater Harvesting, Organic Farming, Food Forests, Keyline Design, Rangeland Management and much more.

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Sustainable World Media videos are produced by Carol Hirashima and Jill Cloutier.

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Santa Barbara Aquaponics Owner Kevin Childerley takes us a tour.

Brad Lancaster demonstrates how to make a Bunyip Water Level with a few simple tools you can find in your garage or at a local hardware store.

Abe Collins of New Soil Matrix, talks with us about some of the eco-services that Nature
provides. Abe is a soil builder,farmer, and educator featured in The Soil Solution film.

What if a solution to climate change was beneath your feet?

Rainwater Harvesting Guru Brad Lancaster speaks about how to hydrate your land and delivers some basic rainwater harvesting concepts with humor and clarity.

Darren Doherty, owner of Australia Felix Permaculture, builds a scale model watershed to explain how water cycles through the landscape in a sequence of natural patterns. Part One introduces the Order of Drainage and identifies the keypoint of a valley.

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