Grow Good Food Without a Yard


Episode 157: Do you want to grow healthy food? Are you excited to start a garden, but don’t have a yard? In this fun and informative interview with plant lover and regenerative farmer Acadia Tucker, we learn how to start a verdant and productive container garden at home. Acadia tells us why she feels it’s important to grow at least some of our own food and how this simple act can positively impact the world.

Acadia believes that gardening is a civic duty and isn’t just for people who have yards. She shares her knowledge and tips on how to start a successful container garden. We talk about pots, compost, mulch, and what plants thrive in pots. We also chat about watering and some of the other challenges of container gardens.

Our interview includes a lot about gardening in general, so there’s something to learn for those of you who already have a garden.

We end with a discussion on climate change and how gardening can be a climate change solution. Plants we grow and  tend can suck excess atmospheric carbon back into the soil and put it to good use.

Acadia Tucker is a regenerative farmer and climate activist. Acadia founded a four-season organic market garden in Washington State where she grew 200 different crops. When she isn’t raising perennials in her own backyard, Acadia lives in New Hampshire with her farm dog Nimbus and grows hops to support locally sourced craft beer in New England. Acadia serves as a Rodale Institute Ambassador on regenerative agriculture and is the author of Growing Perennial Foods: A field guide to raising resilient herbs, fruits, & vegetables, and Growing Good Food: A citizen’s guide to climate victory gardening, Her upcoming book, Tiny Victory Gardens: Growing good food without a yard, is scheduled for release in December 2020.

Find out more about Acadia Tucker at her website:

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