Monsanto vs. Nature

Monsanto hit the genetically modified ball out of the park in California’s November election after pouring over $7 million  into defeating Proposition 37, the initiative measure that would have required labels on genetically modified food sold in California supermarkets.

Playing for the Monsanto team (opponents of labeling) we find the usual suspects: Nestle, Pepsico, DuPont, Kraft, General Mills, Dow Chemical, Kellogg, Campbell Soup Company, J. M. Smuckers, Mars, Bumble Bee, Sara Lee, Hershey and dozens of others. (Click here for a complete list.)  Together, these junk food and pesticide companies contributed over $45,000,000 to stop the labeling of foods containing genetically modified organisms (GMO’s).

On the team for Nature (advocates for labeling) we find organizations, individuals and food companies including the California Nurses Association, Pesticide Action Network, Nature’s Path Foods, Annie’s, Organic Consumers Association, author Michael Pollan, Dr. Joseph Mercola and millions of Californians who were not swayed by Monsanto’s aggressive anti-labeling campaign. (Click here for a complete list.)

Although Prop 37 was defeated 53.1% to 46.9%, the game is far from over and Monsanto and company are on the losing team.

Consumers who are concerned about the health risks of eating GM food can now avoid the products of the companies who bankrolled Prop. 37’s loss. A boycott could cost these corporations millions of dollars in lost profits.

Monsanto and other GMO producers insist that genetically modified crops are safe and hold great promise for feeding a hungry planet, but GM crops actually have a detrimental effect on the natural world.  Cross pollination, “Super Weeds”,  and increased use of toxic herbicides are some of the unintended  consequences of GM crops.

With its seemingly endless budget, misleading ads rife with false information and a propensity to lie for its own benefit, Monsanto seems to have forgotten one thing:

Nature Bats Last.

And when She and her supporters hit the GM Labeling home run out of the park, states across the county will begin passing GM labeling laws. Once consumers know that they are eating food containing GM organisms, sales of these products will drop and manufacturers of GM food will be forced to change their game plan.  When  consumers demand to know what is in their food and the impact their food choices have on the environment,  this will be the start of a real food revolution where Nature, not Monsanto, wins.

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