Learning, Memory, and Decision-Making in Plants- the Work of Dr. Monica Gagliano

Episode 118: Do Plants Know More Than We Think? Can plants learn? Do they have memory? Can they make decisions? In this episode, Monica Gagliano, Research Associate Professor of Evolutionary Ecology at the University of Western Australia, talks about her research with plants. Monica has pioneered the new field of plant bioacoustics and recently extended the concept of cognition to plants.

Monica talks about her research exploring whether plants can learn and if they have memory and decision-making capabilities. Monica also talks about plant time vs. human time, the chemical vocabulary of plants, and why she treated plants as animals and not as objects in her experiments.

To learn more about Monica’s work, click here. 


4 Comments on “Learning, Memory, and Decision-Making in Plants- the Work of Dr. Monica Gagliano

  1. This broadcast is amazing – it is wonderful to hear such an eloquent scientist talk with such authority about aspects of plants that many of us non-scientists believe intuitively, but are so often ridiculed when we express them to so called ‘experts’.

    Thank you Jill and Monica for bringing this to us.

    • Thanks, David. I’m glad you enjoyed listening to the episode. I can’t wait to hear/see what her latest research is once it’s published. Jill

  2. What a great interview! Monica, I really hope your work spreads far and wide so that people who require scientific proof before they will believe anything can become “plant aware” too.
    Thank you for this give to the world.

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