Plant Speak- A Conversation with Dr. Monica Gagliano

Episode 150: Join us for a mind and heart expanding conversation with Dr. Monica Gagliano about her research in plant cognition and her direct experiences with the botanical world. A pioneer in the field of Plant BioAcoustics, Monica’s peer-reviewed work has furthered the concept of plant sentience. Monica’s experiences with plants have altered her life, her research, and are the subject of her new book, Thus Spoke the Plant.

In this interview, Monica talks about her experiments with plants- including her groundbreaking studies with Peas, which provided evidence that plants, at least Peas, are capable of associative learning. Monica  tells us about the invitation that she received from the Vegetal World to delve more deeply into direct contact with plants and how her decision to say yes to that invitation changed her life. Monica also explains how listening is key to establishing a relationship with plants and what listeners can do to connect with the plants in their lives.

To hear more about Monica’s earlier scientific research, listen to our first podcast together: Learning, Memory, and Decision Making in Plants.

To get her new book, Thus Spoke the Plant, visit:

Dr. Monica Gagliano’s research aims at expanding our perception of animals, plants and Nature. She is a Research Associate Professor in Evolutionary Ecology and Adjunct Senior Research Fellow at the University of Western Australia, Research Affiliate at the Sydney Environment Institute, University of Sydney and a Senior Research Fellow at the Biological Intelligence (BI) Lab, University of Sydney. Monica’s website is:

4 Comments on “Plant Speak- A Conversation with Dr. Monica Gagliano”

  1. A great interview.

    The concluding remarks were also beautiful.. with the direction of the world is going and I totally agree with what was said.

    I too look forward to what comes next in the lab. It would be neat to see if they also included experiments on water.. water memory, etc..

    • Thank you so much, Roberto! I’m so glad you liked Monica’s interview. I agree about the lab! It will be fascinating to see what new research emerges. Jill

  2. Thank you so much for existing I have just found your site. Inspiring freeing interview thanks to both.

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