Arracacha- The Peruvian Parsnip

Episode 5: Arracacha, Peruvian Parsnip (Arracacia xanthorrhiza)  is a perennial vegetable from the Andes. To learn more about this staple food crop I spoke with Permaculturist and plant expert Byron Joel. Delicious in flavor, Arracacha is a member of the Apiaceae family and is easy to grow and propagate. High in nutritional content the root can be roasted or pureed and makes an excellent soup. Plant some Arracacha today not only for yourself, but also for all of the beneficial insects that this plant will attract to your garden.


2 Comments on “Arracacha- The Peruvian Parsnip”

    • Hi Tracy, I don’t know where to get seeds for Arracacha. I would write Byron and ask him. If you google it, I did see some seed companies and someone on Etsy selling them. Good luck and thanks for listening!

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