Corn Vs. Corn- A Conversation with Non-GMO and GMO Corn

Episode 110: My guest for this episode is Zea mays, also known as Corn. In this exclusive interview Corn speaks about its long history, its beginning as a wild grass, and how humans and corn have influenced each other. Corn also talks about hybridization, propagation, and genetic modification.

The interview includes a cameo appearance by Bt Corn, Zea Mays’ genetically modified brother.  Bt who goes by the nickname StarLink ( a GM product that was recalled) defends genetic modification and gives its side of the story.

Chris McClellan voiced both Corn and Bt. Chris is a writer, photographer, and natural builder who is raising free range organic children in Northeast Ohio. Chris teachers natural building and sustainable living, mostly as an excuse to play in the mud! To learn more about Chris, visit his website

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