Fragrance and Transformation with Aromatherapist John Steele

Episode 137: Take a ride around the world with aromatic explorer John Steele. In this interview John talks about the sacred use of fragrance in ancient Egypt and Amazonian shamanism. John draws upon his decades of experience as an archaeologist and aromatherapist to delve deeply into the shamanic use of fragrance. John talks about smell as “direct intuition,” how certain plant fragrances can be used to restore flow when you get stuck in negative thought patterns, and how fragrance can be used as an aromatic tool for conscious transformation.

John Steele urges us to think “outside the perfume bottle” and open up to the “floral highway of awareness.”

John is the owner of Lifetree Aromatix and teaches workshops about the aromatic domain around the globe. To contact John you can email him at info (at)

7 Comments on “Fragrance and Transformation with Aromatherapist John Steele”

  1. Inspirational, deeply informative interview of a seeker who is not interested in being worshiped. Great podcast!

  2. what a pleasure and joy to listen to Mr. John Steele’s podcast “essential oils and botanical intelligence.
    A wealth of knowledge and expertise !!! Mr. Steele’s innate connection to plants comes immediately forward and it is a great value for the listener(s) – wonderfully presented. Thank you for opening up this magical botanical world.

  3. Just listening to this now. I have had the privilege of purchasing oils from John for a long time, but have yet to hear this discourse on shamanism and smell. I’ll be listening to this more than once!!!

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