Natural Process Farming with Bob Cannard

Episode 124: In this episode we dive into the world of Natural Process Agriculture with Bob Cannard. Bob grows highly diversified food crops by working with nature and natural systems. In Natural Process farming, crops are grown 50% for people and 50% for Nature (or Soil Improvement). In this interview, Bob talks about the value of “nature support plants,” why weeds need to be managed, not eradicated, the digestive system of and in the soil, how to feed the soil, and why we should strive to give plants a “life of choice.” ┬áBob also tells us how home gardeners can begin practicing Natural Process Farming on a small-scale.

Bob has been farming for thirty years in Northern California and is the co-founder and operator of Green String Farm and the Green String Institute which offers internships in farming the Green String or Natural Process way.

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