You Can Build This: Rabble Housers

Episode 123: In this episode I speak with Mary Alford of Rabble Housers. Mary Alford is a professional engineer and expert in energy optimization and sustainable building practices.

The Rabble House is a 600 square foot home designed to be built by individuals, groups, and/or volunteers. Modeled after the Craftsman Home Kit that was available from Sears in the early 1900s through 1940, the Rabble House is a home designed for efficiency, comfort, and affordability.

The Rabble House can be built in 20 weekends with two people working fifteen hours each. To see the plans of the house, click here.

This version of the Rabble House is designed for the hot and humid climate of the Southeast, but Mary promises more Rabble Houses in the future!

2 Comments on “You Can Build This: Rabble Housers”

  1. Fantastic podcast! I love how details were considered and explained, for example the view-line enhancing privacy, the double-hung windows lockability, and the ability to entertain numerous people.

    I’m obsessive about functionality. My bedroom drapery rod is heavy-duty so that I can hang laundry to dry on it. Our dressers (mule chests) have knobs, not handles, so we can sort hung laundry or put out the next day’s clothes.

    I’d love to see Rabble Houses as a vacation neighborhood or in State Parks.

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