Regenerating Land in Mexico at Sanandi Farm

Episode 148: Sanandi Farm is a 33 hectare organic, biodynamic, Permaculture farm located near Valle de Bravo, Mexico. In 1998, two brothers, Dieter and Andreas le Noir, purchased the land and began the work of regenerating and restoring the health of the soil. Using Permaculture principles and Biodynamic Farming techniques, Sanandi is now a beautiful, verdant oasis that is Demeter certified with a thriving medicinal herb pharmacy and line of herbal remedies.

In this interview, Sanandi’s Communications Director Yolanda Suarez del Real shares with us the story of Sanandi and some of the ways that the team there has revitalized the land. Yolanda talks about their Wormery, Sanandi’s rescue efforts for endangered bees, the importance of biodiversity, and why she believes that agriculture holds a key to human health. Yolanda tells us about some of the plants that are grown on Sanandi, including Mexican Giant Hyssop (Agastache mexicana), Lemon Verbena (Aloysia triphylla), and Yarrow (Achillea millefolium).

Yolanda also talks about the Valle La Paz Foundation, Sanandi’s non-profit organization. The Foundation works with local children, providing free healthy breakfasts and sponsoring a choir, operates a rural health clinic, and promotes biodynamic organic agriculture with local farmers. To see a beautiful video of the local children in the choir sponsored by the Foundation, click here. 

To visit Sanandi’s website, visit

For information on upcoming Sanandi Webinars, click here.

Show Notes: Yolanda mentions the Economy for the Common Good. 

7 Comments on “Regenerating Land in Mexico at Sanandi Farm”

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  2. i am a SDA just moved to he country i am learning so much living of the land it a pleasure to listen to your station, blessing sister.

  3. The link to the farms webpage no longer works and I can’t find them. Help! Also, thank you.

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