Saving Medicinal Plants with United Plant Savers

Episode 154: When medicinal at risk plants need help, United Plant Savers (UPS) comes to the rescue! Known as the “consciousness of the herbal products industry” because of their work with at risk medicinals, UPS staff and members have their feet on the ground and their hands in the soil protecting and growing these healing plants. 

The former site of a contour mine, the 379 acre UPS Botanical Sanctuary in South East Ohio is now home to nearly 400 plant species. In this interview with John Stock, Outreach Coordinator and Sanctuary Manager for United Plant Savers, we learn why we should be concerned about where our herbal medicine comes from, how medicinal plants are being affected by the $8 billion a year herbal products industry, and how we can get involved with UPS by becoming a member or a grower in their Botanical Sanctuary or Sacred Seeds Networks. There are over 140 botanical sanctuaries across the US and Canada and there’s still room for more! 

John and I discuss why medicinal plants need our attention and conservation efforts right now, some of the twenty plants that UPS has earmarked as being at risk, and what the biggest impacts on these plants are- think habitat loss, growing demand, over-harvesting, and little accountability in the herbal products supply chain. We learn what we can do to support the continued health and abundance of medicinal plants and how preserving them has the added benefit of increasing biodiversity and sustaining healthy forests. 

You can learn more about UPS here: United Plant

Take a look at their Species At Risk and To Watch List here. 

Become a member by clicking here: I Want to be a Member!

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