Shelter Is More Than A Roof Overhead- An Interview with Lloyd Kahn

Episode 103: Lloyd Kahn is a builder of books and homes. Editor-in-chief of Shelter Publications, Lloyd  is the author of many books about handbuilt shelter including Home Work, Tiny Homes, Builders of the Pacific Coast and the classic book Shelter that documented handbuilt housing around the world. Lloyd was the Shelter editor of the early Whole Earth Catalogs and has been writing about building and people who build for much of his life.

In this interview with Jill Cloutier, Lloyd talks about why he became interested in in the art and craft of shelter, the benefits of creating your own home, the resurgence of interest in handbuilt homes and his new book Tiny Homes On The Move:Wheels and Water.

Read more about Lloyd Kahn at his personal blog. Read more about handmade homes at the Shelter Publication blog.


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