The Incredible World of Fungi

Episode 129: Fungi are absent from our awareness, but are everywhere around us. In this interview with Peter McCoy, author of the book, Radical Mycology, we learn about fungi and its influence and effect on all life.

Did you know that fungi are the “grand chemists of nature”? That fungi are more closely related to the animal kingdom than the plant kingdom? Or that fungi is a high protein functional food that boosts your immune system?

Peter McCoy shares with us some of his knowledge gleaned from years of working with fungi. We talk about how many plants need fungi to grow and thrive (including orchids), how to grow mushrooms at home, and “Survival of the Most Symbiotic.”

Peter McCoy is the co-founder of Radical Mycology, a grassroots organization that educates about the importance of mushroom cultivation and mycoremediation. Peter is a writer, artist, mushroom cultivator, and educator.

3 Comments on “The Incredible World of Fungi”

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  2. While Peter McCoy’s love of mycology is abundant, as is his knowledge on the subject, his need to sell the book feels overbearing.

    • Radical mycology is essentially equivalent to a university textbook that would normally sell for 500 dollars. Peter put all that information out for practically the cost of print. I’m sure he believes in open source information and has done his best to make it as cheap as possible. Buy it, you won’t regret it.

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