Wheat- An Ancient Grain for Modern Times

Episode 35: Did you know that Einkorn wheat is 27,000 years old? Wheat is one of the world’s oldest grains and like it or love it, it’s been part of human life for thousands of years. Learn about this long revered and recently reviled plant with ancient grain farmer Larry Kandarian of Kandarian Organic Farms. 

Larry talks about growing, harvesting, and utilizing different varieties of wheat, including Einkorn, Ethiopian Blue Tinge, Emmer Farro, and Spelt. We chat about his method of regenerative organic farming and learn why emulating a forest floor is one of the best ways to grow healthy soil and plants. 

Larry also shares the exciting news of a new perennial wheat he is growing and explains why this crop could have major impacts on climate change. 

Larry Kandarian is an organic farmer and ancient grains advocate who has been farming for over 50 years. Larry is a passionate land steward who grows over 1,000 different varieties of plants on his 130 acre small, but mighty farm in Los Osos, CA. A former mechanical engineer who worked on the space shuttle, Larry is on a mission to grow the grains in the most ecological way possible. 

You can find out more about Larry and his grains at: Kandarian Organic Farms.

Larry also mentions the following: 

Longevity Stew – his recipe for a delicious seasonal stew that helps him grow so many grains!

The Bread Lab  

Salish Blue Wheat 

The Land Institute and Wes Jackson

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