Essential Oil and Botanical Intelligence- A Conversation with Aromatherapist John Steele

Episode 106: Renowned aromatherapist, archaeologist and author John Steele talks with Jill Cloutier about essential oils, plant wisdom and the world of scent. John Steele is an aromatic consultant and owner of Lifetree Aromatix, a select line of botanical essential oils and exotic floral absolutes.

In this interview, John speaks in depth about our sense of smell, using oils in self-empowered first aid, how incense was the “aromatic email of early civilization” and floral/plant communication. John talks about the terroir of essential oils, why he calls Lavender the “Swiss Army Knife of Oils” and the important differences between authentic essential oils and “natural” synthetic oils. John Steele also shares his knowledge about the sacred use of fragrance and perfumeros- shamans who heal with scent.

11 Comments on “Essential Oil and Botanical Intelligence- A Conversation with Aromatherapist John Steele”

  1. This was an amazing talk that was super informative and came to me at a perfect time. I am about to launch a natural handcrafted product that utilizes the power of essential oils in a new and modern way. Thank you for this great info.

  2. I reached out to John Steele after I heard this podcast. He called me personally, and I ordered some lavender oil from him. It’s a great product and I’ve been using it everywhere! Love this podcast and the enthusiastic, informative interviews.

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  4. Wonderful information. I got a lot of insight out of this interview. I would like to learn more with him.

  5. Please tell John to submit speaker application for the upcoming Alliance of Intl Aromtherapists coming next fall at Rutgers! we need him out there with us! have lost his number or would call him myself! Great interviews! thanks

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