Paw Paws 101: From Seed to Table

Episode 145: Have you heard about Paw Paws, North America’s largest indigenous edible fruit? Native to 26 states in the US, Paw Paws are immortalized in songs, poems, and place names throughout the country. Paw Paw fruit can weigh up to two pounds each and have a delicious and unusual tropical flavor, reminiscent of a mango, banana, pineapple, and cherimoya blend.

In this fun and informative interview with Edible Landscape and Permaculture Designer Michael Judd, we learn how to propagate, grow, harvest, and prepare Paw Paws, from seed to table.

Found in the woods as an understory plant, Paw Paw trees also thrive in sunny locations and can be integrated into food forest systems and backyard gardens.

Once you try one, you may be hooked! Paw Paws fans and followers quickly become fanatics. A tree elder with a long history, Paw Paws hold a “deep woodland magic” and are ready and waiting to take their place, as an “edible landscaping all-star.”

To learn more about Michael Judd and his work, visit his website Michael is writing a new book about Paw Paws called For the Love Of Paw Paws. To become a supporter, visit his Kickstarter campaign.

Click here to listen to Michael on other episodes of Sustainable World Radio and The Plant Report.

3 Comments on “Paw Paws 101: From Seed to Table”

  1. A few weeks ago while mining Instagram for permaculture inspiration, I found @permacultureninja with a really interesting kick-starter supporting one of my favorite wild forage. Today I finally sent in my contribution and decided to search for pawpaw podcasts afterwards.. How exciting to immediately find this interview!

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