Moringa- The Wonder Tree

Episode 109: Growing Moringa oleifera is like growing a botanical apothecary. Most parts of the plant are edible, medicinal, and useful. In this Sustainable World Radio Podcast episode, organic farmer and Moringa grower Mariko Gifford talks about the plant that has become her life work. 

In this interview, we learn about Moringa’s many benefits. Morniga leaves are delicious and highly nutritious. The seeds can be pressed into an oil that is used on the skin and in industry. The seed cake can clarify water. Moringa is also an excellent animal fodder and can be made into a nitrogen-rich foliar spray.

Tune in to learn how to plant Moringa and why it’s such an important plant to grow at this time. Although
Moringa is a tropical plant, Mariko speaks about how to grow it in colder climates. 
For more about Mariko’s trainings, farm tours and moringa products, visit her website at:

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