Earth Regeneration Through Eco-Agriculture

Episode 108: Learn how you can optimize plant and soil health with ecological agriculture. John Kempf is the founder of Advancing Eco Agriculture– a leading crop nutrition consulting company. An expert in the field of biological and regenerative farming, John Kempf teaches farmers how to grow healthier, more nutritious food.

A lifelong farmer who grew up in and remains part of the Amish community, John Kempf received his Pesticide Applicators License at age 16. In this interview with Jill Cloutier, he talks about his journey from conventional to ecological farmer, the fastest way to rebuild soil and plant health, and how agriculture is the foundation of health care.

2 Comments on “Earth Regeneration Through Eco-Agriculture”

  1. Thanks so much for this fascinating issue about ecoagriculture. This one episode has taught me so much and I’m now really inspired to get out there and improve my plants’ health. Just a shame it’s winter and nothing much is in leaf here! John mentioned using foliar sprays that primarily boost photosynthesis, with mineralisation as a secondary effect. I didn’t catch if he gave any specific examples of what these sprays might be. I have seaweed extract that I use from time to time as a mineral rich foliar spray, but I’ve no idea whether that would boost photosynthesis. Any ideas? Thanks once again for the fantastic interview.

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