The Plant Report

Episode 38: Our plant today is Fig and our guest is Dr. Lee Reich. Lee is a writer, horticultural consultant, Listen
Episode 37: Welcome to the world of Hops, Humulus lupulus. In this relaxed conversation with organic farmer and Hops grower Listen
Episode 36: Have you heard of Spilanthes? In this fun and informative interview with regenerative land designer, educator, facilitator, and Spilanthes Listen
Episode 35: Did you know that Einkorn wheat is 27,000 years old? Wheat is one of the world's oldest grains Listen
Episode 34: Tulsi is a beautiful aromatic plant with strong medicinal qualities. In this interview with organic farmer Alena Steen Listen
Episode 33: Albizia julibrissin is one of my new favorite trees. Commonly called The Tree of Happiness, Persian Silk Tree, Listen
Episode 32: Meet the broad and beautiful Amaranth family in this episode with farmer and seed saver Andrew McMillion. Andrew Listen
Episode 31: Journey into the world of Quercus, the amazing Oak.  Horticulturalist Byron Joel is an avid Oak fan and Listen
Episode 30: If you've ever wandered into a patch of Nettle, you probably remember its ferocious sting! But, did you know Listen
Episode 29: Robin Parer loves Geraniums. An avid horticulturalist, Robin started a nursery in 1983 with 32 Geranium plants. Thirty Listen
Episode 28: Have you ever heard of Loquats? In this episode, farmer, educator, and author Ken Love talks about this Listen
Episode 27: Learn about Lavender with farmer Lori Parr. Lori, aka Lavender Lori, farms Lavender in Western Montana on Rosalie Ranch Listen
Episode 26: Learn about native Appalachian herbs in this interview with educator, designer, and farmer Trevor Piersol. Co- founder of Listen
Episode 25: Have you heard of Hawthorn? Herbalist Bonnie Rose Weaver is a big fan and in this episode fills Listen
Episode 24: Thistles! To many of us, they are those annoying, prickly plants that "bite." Classified as a noxious weed Listen
Episode 23: Katrina Blair, author of the Wild Wisdom of Weeds, shares the many medicinal, culinary, and cosmetic uses of Mallow. We Listen
Episode 22: Imagine leaving your regular life behind and traveling for a year in search of a ripening fruit. This is Listen
Episode 21: Lemon Balm, Melissa officinalis, is an easy to grow herb with many uses. To learn about  Lemon Balm, Listen
Episode 20: Have you heard about Pulses? The edible seeds of legumes, Pulses are, in the words of my guest Listen
Episode 19: Have you ever eaten a paw paw? If you haven't, you'll probably want to, after hearing this interview Listen
Episode 18: Our plant for this episode is the Rose. Roses are edible, medicinal, and therapeutic. To learn about this beautiful Listen
Episode 17: Our plant for this episode is not a plant. It's yeast. Tiny in size, huge in utility, yeast Listen
Episode 16: In this episode we talk about Kalo or Taro, Colocasia esculenta. To learn about this staple of the Hawaiian Listen
Episode 15: Loren Luyendyk has been working with Mulberry Trees for over 15 years. In this episode Loren talks about Listen
Episode 14: Are you a winter squash fan? If not, you may become one after hearing organic farmer and seedsman Listen
Episode 13: Ecological Designer and Permaculture Instructor Larry Santoyo talks about thistles. More interesting than you might think, thistles play Listen
Chaya (Cnidoscolus chayamansa) commonly called Tree Spinach is a very nutritious plant with high protein, iron, calcium, phosphorus, and vitamins. Listen
Episode 8: Feijoa, Acca sellowiana, popularly known as pineapple guava is an easy to grow shrub with beautiful edible flowers Listen
Plant Report Episode 11: Moringa is called the Miracle Tree and after listening to this episode, you'll know why! Native Listen
Episode 9: Growing mushrooms at home is fun, surprisingly easy, and offers multiple benefits including a delicious medicinal crop, increased Listen
Episode 9: I met with farmer and Hawaiian plant expert John Aquino on the beautiful grounds of the Maui Nui Botanical Listen
Episode 7: The Bunya Bunya (Araucaria bidwillii) is a tall, evergreen coniferous tree with large, edible and high carbohydrate nuts. Listen
Episode 6: Goumi is an attractive shrub that is useful in edible landscaping. Renowned for its beauty and delicious medicinal berries, Listen
Episode 5: Arracacha, Peruvian Parsnip (Arracacia xanthorrhiza)  is a perennial vegetable from the Andes. To learn more about this staple Listen
Episode 4: Ashitaba is a plant rich in antioxidants, vitamins and chlorophyll. Also called Tomorrow's Leaf, Ashitaba is known for its quick regeneration Listen
Episode 3: Titan Arum may have one of the smelliest flowers on the planet (think old gym socks), but it's also Listen
Episode 2: Comfrey (Symphytum officinale) is a gardener's friend. A plant with many benefits, comfrey can be used as medicine, Listen
Episode 1: Known as the Tree of Music and Nature's Medicine Chest, Elder has a long history of medicinal and Listen

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