Titan Arum-The Largest Unbranched Inflorescence In The World!

Episode 3:┬áTitan Arum may have one of the smelliest flowers on the planet (think old gym socks), but it’s also one of the largest and most beautiful. Known as the carrion or corpse flower, Titan Arum gives off a pungent scent that’s perfect for…

Comfrey- A Plant With Many Uses

Episode 2: Comfrey (Symphytum officinale) is a gardener’s friend. A plant with many benefits, comfrey can be used as medicine, mulch, liquid fertilizer, compost and chicken feed. Comfrey has a deep tap root that can mine the soil for nutrients and minerals. Used in…

Nature’s Medicine Chest- Elder

Episode 1: Known as the Tree of Music and Nature’s Medicine Chest, Elder has a long history of medicinal and musical use. Elderberries and flowers are a popular herbal remedy and elder branches can be used to make musical instruments. Steeped in folklore, Elder…

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