Water Always Wins- Slow Water Solutions for Drought and Deluge

Water Always Wins

What does water want? What happens when we allow water to be water? Author Erica Gies explores the concept of Slow Water in her new book Water Always Wins: Thriving in an Age of Drought and Deluge.  Slow Water approaches are unique to each…

Working With Nature to Clean Water: Dr. John Todd

Episode 131: Dr. John Todd is a pioneer in the field of ecological design. The inventor of the Eco-Machine, John Todd works with nature to heal degraded waste sites often thought irreconcilably damaged. John Todd and his associates have worked on projects on five continents…

The Many Uses of Vetiver

Episode 122: In this episode we dive into the world of Vetiver. With powerful roots that grow 12-15 feet deep, Vetiver is a valuable plant that acts as a living infrastructure. Vetiver is planted around the world to remediate polluted soil and water. To learn…

Aquaponics 101

Episode 121: Learn how to grow your own organic veggies and fish in an Aquaponics system. In this episode, I talk with Sylvia Bernstein, the President of the Aquaponic Source and author of the book Aquaponic Gardening: A Step By Step Guide to Growing Fish and Vegetables Together….

Quick Tour of SB Aquaponics

Rain Garden

Sustainable World Media visits with rainwater harvesting expert Jeff Adams at the recently installed rain garden at the Santa Barbara City College Center for Life Long Learning. In this video, Jeff talks about designing landscapes to retain water- to slow it, spread, sink it….

The Soil Solution to Climate Change

What If A Solution To Climate Change Was Beneath Your Feet? Watch The Soil Solution film to learn more.

Rainwater Harvesting

Brad Lancaster demonstrates how to make a Bunyip Water Level with a few simple tools you can find in your garage or at a local hardware store.


When we heard that Kevin Childerley was growing vegetables and raising fish in a parking lot, we wanted to see for ourselves how Aquaponics, a closed loop system works. When we arrived at the site, we were greeted by Kevin Childerley, an enthusiastic and…

Plant The Rain! Brad Lancaster Shows You How

Rainwater harvesting guru Brad Lancaster has a lot to say about water. In his books Rainwater Harvesting for Drylands, Volumes 1 and 2 Lancaster writes about the importance of “planting the rain” and shares with readers the many benefits they receive when they learn how to…

The REAL Green Revolution In Africa: Permaculture in Zimbabwe With Julious Piti

Episode 90: Julious Piti is a Permaculture designer and teacher, organic farmer, and conflict facilitator based in Zimbabwe.  Julious has been using Permaculture in Africa to restore the health of both land and community. A founding member of the Chikukwa Ecological Land Trust (CELUCT) and…

Building A Better World in Tanzania with Permaculture

Episode 75: Lyn Hebenstreit and Tara Maria Blasco of the all-volunteer non profit organization Global Resource Alliance (GRA) talk about their work in Tanzania.  Promoting a “natural, holistic, and sustainable approach” to the challenges facing the region, GRA works on many issues including malaria control,…

THE NURDLE- My Battle with a Plastic Pellet

It was raining when I met the nurdle.  I was out taking a walk.  Everyone else must have been inside, staying dry.  The rain fell in a silent, steady drizzle, tapering off from its previous downpour.  As I walked, I saw a lot of…

How to Harvest Rainwater with Brad Lancaster

Episode 62: Rainwater harvesting expert and Permaculture Designer Brad Lancaster talks about how to plant the rain, water harvesting earth works, and his seminal books,Rainwater Harvesting for Drylands and Beyond, Volumes 1 & 2 . Brad Lancaster tells us how to slow, spread, and sink rainwater-…

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