The REAL Green Revolution In Africa: Permaculture in Zimbabwe

I met with Julious Piti several times during his world tour last summer.  Julious is a Permaculture designer and teacher, organic farmer and conflict facilitator  based in Zimbabwe. Julious has been using Permaculture in Africa to restore the health of both land and community. A founding member of the Chikukwa Ecological Land…

Down on the Farm with Justin Huhn

Mano Farm is quiet, lush, and beautiful.  It’s also home to All Good Things Organic Seeds,  the only organic seed company in Southern California.  Last month, I met with the farm’s co-founder Justin Huhn to talk about seeds, seed saving, organic farming and plants…

The Last of the Non GMO Corn Speaks Out!

I’ve interviewed farmers, scientists, ecologists, and permaculture designers, but until today I’d never interviewed a plant. A Conversation With Corn J (Jill Cloutier)-  Thanks for taking the time to talk with me today.  Tell me a bit about your background.  Where were you born?…

The Universe Beneath Your Feet

Soil is alive.  It’s a complex web of macro (that which we can see with our eyes), and micro (those we mostly cannot see) organisms.  One tablespoon of soil contains over six billion bacteria and countless other species that contribute to a medium teeming…

The Reality

My car had broken down for the last time. I waved goodbye as the AAA truck towed my rusting 1993 Pontiac away, one hazard light blinking a jerky farewell. “I don’t care if it’s crushed into a can. I’ve had it. It’s going to…

Poem by Jill Cloutier

My neighbor thinks that she owns a bird says she owns him That his beating heart and trembling body belong to her. I’ve seen his soul leave, his excitement grow, when birds who fly wait outside the cage to speak gentle bird wildness with…

THE NURDLE- My Battle with a Plastic Pellet

It was raining when I met the nurdle.  I was out taking a walk.  Everyone else must have been inside, staying dry.  The rain fell in a silent, steady drizzle, tapering off from its previous downpour.  As I walked, I saw a lot of…

A New Dream for Naples on the Gaviota Coast

For years this beautiful site has been a battleground between environmentalists who believe in preservation of the land and developers who want to turn nature into dollar bills.

What Can Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein Learn From a Worm?

After reading the small (and beautiful) book, Slow Money by Woody Tasch, I believe that Goldman Sachs CEO Blankfein and other heavyweights in the “Too Big to Fail” financial sector might be well-advised to carefully observe, take note of, and even hang out with some earthworms.

Hail to Kale!

Permaculture, ecology, ethnobotany, sustainability, humor, and green living

Irreverent Reverends

My time with both Reverends was inspiring, invigorating, and entertaining. It was the most fun I’ve ever had with the clergy.

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