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Episode 171: In this stimulating conversation with Regenerative Land Designer and Educator Javan Bernakevitch, we discuss life design and why
Episode 170: Join us on a journey to India to explore the inspiring Beejvan project, a remarkable two acre demonstration
Episode 169: Is Permaculture the best option we have to meet the demands of an unpredictable future? In this lively
Water Always Wins
What does water want? What happens when we allow water to be water? Author Erica Gies explores the concept of
Episode 167: Learn how to garden like nature from writer, horticultural consultant and educator Dr. Lee Reich. We start the episode
Episode 166: Did you know that oceans make life possible on our planet? Even if we live far from the coast,
Episode 165: This special episode introduces the Regenerative Media Alliance, a project I have been working on for quite some
Episode 164: Are you a fan of Raptors or birds of prey? Members of this large group of magnificent birds
Episode 163: What if you could replace your monocrop grass lawn with a “solar powered regenerative system that stores carbon
Episode 162: Is the future nuts? According to our guest Michael Judd, it definitely is, but in a good way!
Episode 161: Growing an herbal apothecary garden at home is fun and easy. Learn how to start your own in this
Episode 160: Lonny Grafman has worked with hundreds of communities around the globe assisting them with projects across a broad
Episode 159: Step into the vibrant and beautiful world of living color with natural dyer, designer, artist, and educator Sasha
Episode 158: Longtime organic farmer Mark Sturges believes that when we create a better habitat for beneficial insects, we create
   Episode 157: Do you want to grow healthy food? Are you excited to start a garden, but don't
Learn how your clothing choices can change the world in this episode with writer Elizabeth Segran. Elizabeth tells us the
Episode 154: When medicinal at risk plants need help, United Plant Savers (UPS) comes to the rescue! Known as the "consciousness
Episode 153: Put down that shovel and start a no-till perennial garden! In this fun and informative interview, Permaculture Designer
Episode 152:  Famed cinematographer Louie Schwartzberg talks about his new film Fantastic Fungi that highlights the fascinating and often hidden world
Episode 151: What if we could heal broken ecosystems, toxic landscapes, and poisoned water? My guest today is Dr. John
Episode 150: Join us for a mind and heart expanding conversation with Dr. Monica Gagliano about her research in plant
Episode 149: Incredible Edible is an urban gardening project in Todmorden, England. Started in 2008, as a conversation between friends
Episode 148: Sanandi Farm is a 33 hectare organic, biodynamic, Permaculture farm located near Valle de Bravo, Mexico. In 1998,
Episode 147: How can we mend our broken relationship with the Earth and create a world where people and land are
Episode 146: Learn about the field of arboreal archaeology and why historic fruit trees are important in this interview with John
Episode 145: Have you heard about Paw Paws, North America's largest indigenous edible fruit? Native to 26 states in the
Episode 144: Do you live in a city and want to grow your own herbal medicine? In this episode, urban
Episode 143: How would Nature farm? Can degraded, infertile land be regenerated? Can agriculture become a healing beneficial system that
Episode 142: Have you ever thought of going to the International Permaculture Conference and Convergence (IPC)? Held every two years,
Episode 141: Larry Kandarian is an organic farmer and ancient grain advocate. In this episode, Larry takes us on a
Episode 140: Before 2006, Andrew McMillion wasn’t thinking too much about plants, soil health, or ecology. He was living the American
Episode 139: Dr. Vandana Shiva, author, activist, and scholar, talks about the forgotten richness of pulses and how growing these
Episode 138: Natural building is good for both people and planet. In this episode we hear from natural builders who
Episode 137: Take a ride around the world with aromatic explorer John Steele. In this interview John talks about the
Episode 136: Beth and Shawn Dougherty have been farming together for over thirty years and practice grass-based homesteading in Eastern Ohio.
Episode 135: Starhawk is an internally renowned activist, feminist, writer, and Permaculture Designer and Teacher. Founder of the Earth Activist
Episode 134: Have you ever wanted to grow a cornucopia of organic fruit at home? In this episode, Permaculture Teacher
Episode 133:  Is it time to turn your lawn into a biodiverse meadow? In this interview with John Greenlee, we
Episode 132: Can planting lentils be a radical act? Yes, if you live in a small conservative farming town in
Episode 131: Dr. John Todd is a pioneer in the field of ecological design. The inventor of the Eco-Machine, John
Episode 130: In 2013, artists and Permaculturists Meg Ulman and Patrick Jones embarked on a 14 month, 6,000 km journey
Episode 129: Fungi are absent from our awareness, but are everywhere around us. In this interview with Peter McCoy, author
Episode 128: Dr. Elaine Ingham of Soil Foodweb Inc. guides us on this podcast journey into the world of soil.
Episode 127: How can we apply Permaculture ethics and principles to our lives and relationships? In this episode Delia Carroll
Episode 126: Joseph Simcox is a botanical explorer, ethnobotanist, international lecturer, and expert in food plants from around the world.
Episode 125: In this interview with Irina Stoenescu we talk about the re-discovery of food traditions, how regional foods are going global, and
Episode 124: In this episode we dive into the world of Natural Process Agriculture with Bob Cannard. Bob grows highly
Episode 123: In this episode I speak with Mary Alford of Rabble Housers. Mary Alford is a professional engineer and expert
Episode 122: In this episode we dive into the world of Vetiver. With powerful roots that grow 12-15 feet deep, Vetiver
Episode 121: Learn how to grow your own organic veggies and fish in an Aquaponics system. In this episode, I talk
Episode 120: Seaweed is a superfood from the sea! Terry d’Selkie of Ocean Harvest Sea Vegetable Company tells us about
Episode 119: Eric Scott Bresselsmith is an herbalist, wildcrafter, and artisan distiller of essential oils. Owner of the House of
Episode 118: Do Plants Know More Than We Think? Can plants learn? Do they have memory? Can they make decisions? In
Episode 117: How can a cook stove change the world? Three billion people burn traditional biomass and coal indoors in
Episode 116: My guest for this episode is Josh Trought, author of The Community-Scale Permaculture Farm: The D Acres Model of
Episode 114: In this episode, we talk about the weeds that surround us with forager, chef, writer, and plant lover
Episode 113: Melanie and Jeff Carpenter are medicinal herb farmers. The co-owners of Zack Woods Farm, a 30 acre organic farm
Gene Logsdon on Sustainable World Radio
Episode 112: Have you ever wanted to grow your own grains? In this episode, farmer and author Gene Logsdon tells
Episode 111: In this episode, I talk with wilderness guide and educator Amos Clifford about Forest Therapy or Shinrin-yoku. Also known as
Episode 110: My guest for this episode is Zea mays, also known as Corn. In this exclusive interview Corn speaks about
Episode 109: Growing Moringa oleifera is like growing a botanical apothecary. Most parts of the plant are edible, medicinal, and
Episode 108: Learn how you can optimize plant and soil health with ecological agriculture. John Kempf is the founder of Advancing Eco Agriculture- a
Episode 107: Aquaponics is a food production system that is a combination of aquaculture and hydroponics. In this episode, Kevin
Episode 106: Renowned aromatherapist, archaeologist and author John Steele talks with Jill Cloutier about essential oils, plant wisdom and the world
Episode 105: Courtney White is the author of the new book Grass, Soil, Hope- A Journey through Carbon Country. A former activist
Episode 104: Now in its forth year, the West Coast Women's Permaculture Gathering is a weekend of discovery, skill-building and connection. With a
Episode 103: Lloyd Kahn is a builder of books and homes. Editor-in-chief of Shelter Publications, Lloyd  is the author of many
Episode 102: Ed Mendoza is a Permaculture designer, teacher and lifelong gardener and farmer. In this podcast episode with Jill
Episode 101: What can you do to ensure agro-biodiversity? How can you participate in creating a more secure food future?  In this
Episode 100: Have you ever wanted to turn your lawn into an edible oasis? Learn how in this interview with Michael
Episode 99: Permaculture Designer Jeff Adams talks about practical ways to design landscapes that conserve water. It doesn't matter if you live
Episode 98: The founder of Oak Tree Designs based in Margaret River, Australia, Byron Joel has years of experience in Permaculture, land re-vegetation,
Episode 97: Permaculture and Ecological Designer Larry Santoyo talks with Jill Cloutier about why he feels the future is abundant, why everyone is needed,
Episode 96: Roberto Perez Rivero is a Permaculturist, educator and sustainability activist in Cuba. In this interview he speaks with Jill Cloutier
Episode 95: Christopher Shein is a Permaculture teacher, seed saver, gardener and activist. In this interview, Christopher explains the basics of
Episode 94: From the Sustainable World Radio archives, a lecture by the late Anita Roddick, founder of the Body Shop and
Episode 93:  African forests need elephants. Elephants are vital forest gardeners, spreading seeds, clearing trails and keeping forests healthy. We talk
Episode 92: Imagine completing your Permaculture Design Certification Course, planting a food forest and building a cob oven- at your high
Episode 91: Justin Huhn is an organic farmer and an impassioned seed grower and plant lover. Certified in Permaculture Design, Justin
Episode 90: Julious Piti is a Permaculture designer and teacher, organic farmer, and conflict facilitator based in Zimbabwe.  Julious has been
Episode 71: Declan Kennedy, architect, Permaculture designer, mediator, spiritual healer, and founding chairman of the International Advisory Board of Gaia University, speaks with
Episode 89: A discussion with author, Permaculture Designer, and psychotherapist Rachel Kaplan about her book Urban Homesteading: Heirloom Skills for Sustainable
Episode 88: In this interview, fiber and dye expert Rebecca R. Burgess shares her techniques for growing and harvesting color. 
Episode 87: Chicken expert and admirer Pat Foreman shares why she believes that chickens are an integral part of the
Episode 86: Learn how to design your garden using the principles of ecology to mimic a forest ecosystem. Author of Edible
Episode 85: Every two years, permaculturists from around the globe gather together at the International Permaculture Conference and Convergence (IPC).
Episode 84: Warren Brush, Permaculture Designer and educator talks with us about his work in Africa, the power of storytelling,
Have you ever wondered why we poop in fresh water?  In this interview author Carol Steinfeld of Ecowater Projects talks
Episode 83: In Part 2 of an interview author Carol Steinfeld, we talk more in-depth about human waste as a resource. 
Episode 81: Dr. Scott Fisher, Director of Conservation for the Hawaiian Islands Trust, speaks to us about his work at the
Episode 80: Botanist, seedsman, and landscape architect Gabriel Howearth talks about his life with plants.  Howearth, co-founder of Seeds of
Episode 76: As kids, they played in nature. As adults, they protect it. Clive Neeson, the director of the documentary Last Paradise talk
Episode 77: Rebecca Burgess is an ecological restoration educator, author, and textile artist. Rebecca is the founder of the Fibershed
Episode 79: Doug Weatherbee, a Soil Foodweb Advisor and owner of, talks about the biodiversity that lies beneath our
Episode 78: Doug Weatherbee, a Soil Foodweb Advisor and owner of, talks about the biodiversity that lies beneath our
Episode 65: Paul Kephart, Executive Director of Rana Creek- Habitat Restoration and Living Architecture, speaks about his mission to restore
Episode 75: Lyn Hebenstreit and Tara Maria Blasco of the all-volunteer non profit organization Global Resource Alliance (GRA) talk about their
Episode 68: Nadine Artemis, aromatherapist and co-owner of Living Libations, talks about her love of the plant world, the ways
Episode 69: How much space does it take to be happy?  That's a question that author Shay Salomon answers in
Episode 70: Foodsheds or neighborhood food exchanges are popping up all over the world.  In this interview, Sustainable Landscape Architect
Visionary architect Mark Lakeman talks about the inception of the City Repair movement and his mission of creating villages within
Episode 74: Interview with Permaculture Teacher and Global Justice Activist Starhawk. In this episode, Starhawk talks about Permaculture, her global
Episode 72: Tahara Ezrahti, environmental educator and intuitive energy healer, talks about the importance of grounding and connecting to the
Episode 67: Part 2 of a 2 part interview with David Holmgren, the co-originator of Permaculture. In part two of
Episode 66: Part 1 of a 2 part interview with David Holmgren, the co-originator of Permaculture.  Holmgren is co-author of Permaculture
Episode 64: Interview with herbalist, author, and teacher Kami McBride about the power of plants and ways to integrate herbal
Episode 63: Will you be at the mall on Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving and the busiest shopping day
Episode 62: Rainwater harvesting expert and Permaculture Designer Brad Lancaster talks about how to plant the rain, water harvesting earth
Episode 61: Common Vision Fruit Tree Tour makes a stop at Monte Vista Elementary in Santa Barbara, California. Playing drums,
Episode 60: Bryan Hope, founder of Sustainable Vine Wine Tours, talks about organic and biodynamic methods of producing wine. Hope
Episode 59: Dianna Cohen, famous for her art pieces created with plastic bags, talks about her passion for art and the
Episode 58: Interview with Peter Murage, founder of MOOF (Mount Kenya Organic Farming). MOOF is a farm and demonstration/training center
Episode 57: Darren Doherty, Australian Permaculture Designer and Teacher and Guner Tautrim, owner of Orella Ranch on the Gaviota Coast talk
Episode 56: Carolyn Baker, author of the book, Sacred Demise: Walking the Spiritual Path of Industrial Civilization's Collapse, shares her views and
Episode 55: Interview with James Stark and Christopher Kuntzsch, co-founders and directors of the Ecology of Leadership program- transformation and action from
Episode 54: Ray Cirino, artist, inventor, and permaculture designer, talks about the Water Woman Festival.  Cirino, a creator of rocket
Episode 53: Thomas Wittman, owner of Gophers Limited in Felton, California, talks about gophers, moles, voles, and squirrels. Learn how
Episode 52: Dr. Lee Klinger, independent scientist and consultant, speaks with Jill Cloutier about holistic tree care, soil health, and
Episode 51: Robyn Francis talks about permaculture's role in Cuba and CAPE: the Cuba-Australia Permaculture Exchange. Francis, an internationally renowned
Episode 50: Toby Hemenway, author of the best selling book Gaia's Garden, talks about how to create beautiful and functional ecosystems in our
Episode 50: What is a watershed? Tune in to hear Watershed Activist Paul Jenkin talk about his new film Watershed
Episode 49: Bob Banner is the publisher of HopeDance Magazine. HopeDance reports on the outrageous, pioneering and inspiring activities of outstanding
Episode 48: Anna Cummins and Marcus Eriksen of the Algalita Marine Research Foundation and 5Gyres tell us about the perils
Episode 47: Juan Rojas of the Institute of Mesoamerican Permaculture and the Permaculture Institute of El Salvador speaks about his
Episode 46: Former trainer of television's Flipper, Ric O'Barry has spent the last 37 years working to stop the capture
Episode 45: Award winning international permaculture pioneer, teacher, designer, and educator Robyn Francis speaks about sustainable aid and permaculture for the
Episode 44: Are you interested in composting your kitchen scraps and turning them into a valuable soil amendment? Learn how
Episode 43: Are you interested in a career in horticulture? Dr. Mike Gonella, chair of the Environmental Horticulture (EH) Department at
Episode 42: Have you ever wondered what it's like to live in an ecovillage or intentional community? In this interview,
Episode 41: Warren Brush, Co-Founder of Quail Springs Learning Oasis and Permaculture Farm, speaks with Jill Cloutier about his experiences working
Episode 40: Located on one of the oldest organic farms in California, The Center for Urban Agriculture at Fairview Gardens, is
Episode 39: Mugove Walter Nyika, coordinator of the 9th International Permaculture Conference and Convergence (IPC9), talks about the International Permaculture Conference and
Episode 38: Gourmet chef, organic gardener, and sustainable foods expert Kim Redman talks about the joy of local, seasonal, and organic
Episode 37: John Seed is the founder and director of the Rainforest Information Centre in Australia. Seed is an environmental activist,
Episode 36: Do you love birds? Come on a tour of the Santa Barbara Wildlife Care Network's Songbird Facility. Meet
Episode 35 : Owen Dell is an internationally recognized gardening expert, Permaculture designer, and writer. Starting with the basics, Owen
Episode 34: Michael Brune was the executive director of the Rainforest Action Network when this episode aired. Michael is the
Episode 33: Larry Saltzman, Permaculturist and Food Forester, takes us on a tour of his backyard suburban yard. Larry and
Episode 32: Woody Tasch, author of the book Slow Money speaks to Jill Cloutier (Sustainable World Radio) and Wes Roe (Santa Barbara Permaculture
Episode 31: Brenton Kelly, an expert in Integrated Pest Management (IPM), talks about alternatives to pesticides and least toxic pest control
Episode 30: Betty Seaman, also known as Cob Betty, is a natural builder and Permaculturalist who teaches courses in natural
Episode 29: This is an audio tour of a Seed Exchange at Fairview Gardens Center for Urban Agriculture in Goleta, California.
Episode 28: Part 2 of an interview with Reverend Billy and Reverend Sidney Lanier of the Church of Stop Shopping. They
Episode 27:  KCSB programmer Ted Coe and Sustainable World Radio's Jill Cloutier met with Reverend Billy and Reverend Sidney Lanier
Episode 26: Devin Slavin of Abundance In Balance Design is a Permaculture Designer and founder of the Grow Food Party
Episode 25:  Geoff Lawton is an internationally renowned permaculture educator, consultant and practitioner. Nadia Abu Yahia Lawton travels with Geoff
Episode 24: Stacy Malkan, Communications Director of the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, and author of the new book, Not Just a
Episode 23:  Graham Burnett is a Permaculture practitioner, designer and teacher.  With over 20 years experience in working with adults
Episode 22: Claude Genest is the Deputy Leader of the Canadian Green Party and the founder of the Green Mountain Permaculture
Episode 21: Stephen Harrod Buhner is an Earth poet and the award-winning author of twelve works of nonfiction and one book
Episode 20: Ali Sharif, project director of PAL, Permacultura Latina America, talks with Jill Cloutier at the Bioneers Conference 2007, about
Episode 19: Permaculture designer and teacher Darren  Doherty introduces Keyline Design and outlines the many ways that it can serve as
Episode 18: World renowned educator and writer Satish Kumar talks with journalist Karly Burch for Sustainable World Radio in India. Editor
Episode 17: Since 1974, Christopher Nyerges has taken over 30,000 children and adults on Wild Food and Survival Skills Outings,
Episode 16: Former dolphin trainer, Ric O’Barry, speaks with Jill Cloutier about his ten years in the captive dolphin industry and
Episode 15: Chef Kate Adamick, of Food Systems Solutions LLC talks about the link between our food system and the
Episode 14: Mukesh Ray, a scholar with a Masters in Social Work from the TATA Institute of Social Sciences in
Episode 13: Loren Luyendyk, the owner of Santa Barbara Organics, has over ten years of experience in the field of
Episode 12: Brock Dolman is a biologist, innovative design consultant, and nationally recognized permaculture educator. In this interview, Brock speaks
Episode 11: Interview with Andre Soares and Lucy Legan, co-directors of Ecocentro IPEC, (Instituto de Permacultura e Ecovilas do Cerrado),
Episode 10: Ray Cirino is an artist, inventor, and educator, based in Los Angeles, CA. In this interview with Jill Cloutier, Ray
Episode 9: David Wann talks about finding prosperity through simplicity, non-monetary forms of wealth, and how to have a lifestyle that can provide
Episode 8: Workshop participants at a Cob Workshop in Central California share their enthusiasm about building houses and community with
Episode 7: Ianto Evans is an applied ecologist, landscape architect, inventor, writer, and teacher with building experience on six continents.
Episode 6: Isabela Coelho is the co-founder and co-director of OPA, the Organization of Permaculture and Art.  Isabela is an
Episode 5: Did you know that Americans eat 2.8 billion pounds of chocolate every year?  Dr. Tom Neuhaus is  the co-founder,
Episode 4: The Maya cultivated the forest as a garden for thousands of years.  Maya forest gardeners from El Pilar, Master Gardener
Episode 3: Kat Steele is a Permaculture teacher and director of the Urban Permaculture Guild in Oakland, California.  Kat is trained
Episode 2: Albert Bates is the author of the Post-Petroleum Survival Guide and Cookbook:  Recipes for Changing Times and director
Episode 1: Paul Stamets, founder and president of Fungi Perfecti, has written six books on mushroom cultivation, use, and identification,

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